Shocking benefits of green leafy vegetables.

Shocking benefits of green leafy vegetables.

  Green leafy vegetables are loaded with fiber, vitamins and minerals antioxidants and it is very low in calories  and it is ideal for weight loss and muscle building everyone should consume vegetables 2-3 times a day.

Benefits of green leafy vegetables.

•  Green leafy vegetables have a very few or low calories  in it.

• Everyone should consume green leafy vegetable on daily basis it will help in losing weight.

• Green leafy vegetables suppresses the hunger.

• Vegetable is anti inflammatory in nature.
green leafy vegetables is loaded with soluble and insoluble fiber.

• Green leafy vegetable contain high amount of antioxidants.

• Spinach is the best example of green leafy vegetable it contains iron calcium as well as Protein.

• Green leafy   vegetable available throughout the year.

• Green leafy vegetables in expensive.

• If you are suffering from constipation then you have to include green leafy vegetable in your diet it will help you to proper digestion of food under control the bowel moment on regular basis.

• Kale, celery is loaded with vitamins and antioxidants and great option for overall health.

• Leafy vegetable can be consumed raw it can be consumed as salad.