How to increase height in a month (height kaise badhaye)

How to increase height in a month (height kaise badhaye)

Short height is a problem all around the world and many companies claim that their health drinks help in increasing the height of human body but all claims are fake and by this by way they market their products.

Here are the tips to increase height in a month.

• Add protein in your diet it helps in growth of muscle tissue and muscle fibres which ultimately help in gaining height.

• Perform pull-ups and chin-ups which boost production of HGH (human growth hormone).

• Add chia seeds to your diet which is loaded with omega 3 fatty acids which trigger brain to enhance production of harmones.

• Take a well balanced diet to achieve desired results ( protein, carbohydrates, fat).
  •  Perform various types of yoga and include stretching exercises.
• Take adequate amount of calcium and phosphorus in your diet which helps in growth of the bones.

• Avoid products like growth pills, height growth health drinks.

• Add jogging in your lifestyle schedule.

• Avoid injection of artificial growth harmones.

• Physical exercise is the key to growth height.

• Exercise doesn't stop height growth.