All about protein.

All about protein.

Protein:- is the combination of a
amino acid which is essential for muscle recovery and tissue repair and growth of muscles.

 There are about 20 types of amino acids.

 Essential amino    Non-essential amino

Isoleucine.                        Alanine
 Valine.                               Arginine
 leucine.                             Asparagine
 histidine.                          Aspartic acid
 lysine.                               Cysteine
 Methionine.                     Glutamic acid
 Phenylalanine.                Glutamine
 Threonine.                       Glycine
 Tryptophan                      Proline

 In the above three are major types of amino acid.

• leucine
• isoleucine
• valine

 They play a crucial role in muscle repair and tissue repair.

 This amino acid is not produced by human body so it has to be consume from food resources as well as supplement.

 Food sources include:-
 lean protein sources

 chicken breast, egg white, lean beef, white fish, slim milk, low fat cheese, Greek yoghurt.

  Supplement sources includes:-

 whey protein, casein protein, beef jerky,  protein Shakes.

 Plant sources of protein:-

 peanut butter, nuts almond, cashew, walnut. lentils, pulses, soya protein, plant based protein, chickpeas.

 Every individual should consume protein per gram of their body weight*2.

 Example:- if a healthy individual weight is 60 kg he must eat 120 gram of protein per day.

 If a person who does not do exercise requirement of protein is 60 gram.

  Women should also consume protein on daily basis according to their body weight and level of physical activity.