All about water

All about water
Water is a very essential requirement of human body water help in controlling temperature of human body flush out toxins and harmful waste from human body through urine.

Every individual should drink  8 to 10 glass of water everyday.

Not drinking adequate water may result in dehydration of body, dizziness, blackout,
mood swing and muscle cramps.

Benefits of drinking water

• Regulate the body temperature.

• Flush out toxins and best by products from body.

• Your body will be well hydrated.

• Travelling the nutrients to the muscle and  tissue for repair and growth of muscle.

• Prevent kidney stone formation.

• Enhances skin and hair health.

• About 70% of our body made up of water
every individual should consume fluids to maintain hydration.

• Avoid cold drinks soft drinks.

• Drinking lukewarm water help in proper digestion of food.

• Water should be consumed after 30 minutes of  food intake.

• Drinking lukewarm water in morning empty stomach  your body will bless you.

• Water help in proper circulation of blood.

• Water acts as a blood purifier and remove toxins from blood.

• Enhance metabolism.