Truth about carbohydrates

Truth about carbohydrates

 Carbohydrate in the primary source of energy for human body and carbohydrate digested and converted into glucose and provide energy throughout the day

 carbohydrate further classified into two categories.

 •simple carbohydrates 

 •complex carbohydrate

 Simple carbohydrates include the white bread, pasta cold drinks, beverages, package juice and fast food including, pizza, burger.

 Simple carbohydrates are digested easily by human body and spike the insulin  levels to the peak  and after few hours you may feel lack of energy, dizziness, and laziness, and it contains minimum amount of fibre due to this reason they are stored in the form of fat in human body.

Many fast food giant use simple carbohydrate in their food products due to this obesity has been raised to the highest level throughout the world.

Complex carbohydrates includes whole grain, brown bread, sweet potato, vegetable, fruits or whole with chapati.

Complex carbohydrate is loaded with fibre and their digestive flow due to fibre present in it and not  raise  the  and the provide long lasting energy throughout the day homemade food is the best best which includes whole grain and metal optimal health of human being.

Many company used sugar it is also a form of simple carbohydrate the change name of sugar to chemical composition sucrose Fructose and corn syrup which can cause the type 2 diabetes obesity hypertension and Many health issues.

Avoid packages cold drinks and alcohol beverages once a week if you drink it is fine but continuous consumption may cause unrelated health issues.