Top 10 benefits of doing exercise or physical activity

Physical activity:- is an any activity or tension on body which increases heart rate and enhance overall health.

Top 10 benefits of doing exercise or physical activity

• Exercise will Boost Your metabolism and keep your body energetic throughout the day.

• Exercise reduce the stress hormone cortisol and thereby IT Act as an mood enhancer or elevator.

• Exercises reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease obesity diabetes cancer and many more harmful disease.

• Physical activities help in maintaining overall health from brain to heart.

• Walking and jogging at the exercise which involves movement of all muscles in human body and increase the heart rate and improve cardio conditioning.

• By performing exercise body will use extra fat as fuel and help you to maintain a lean physique.

• Golden rule for maintaining a healthy body   eat  less walk more.

• Physical activity boost immune system and protect from several harmful bacteria and diseases.

• Exercise prevent  low bone density and loss of muscle mass and maintain healthy bones.

• Physical activity increase memory power focus and concentration and make you happier.