Breastfeeding Tips For New moms

Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog,If you're new my name is angela, and i am a mom of three boys.
Today I'm gonna be sharing with you my top breastfeeding tips
that i wish i'd known before i started breastfeeding, so i have exclusively breastfed all three of my children, my first two for over a year each,and Jackson is currently four and a half months old so i'm still feeding him i think when i was pregnant i had this misconception that breastfeeding was gonna be this really easy thing to do and while it is a very natural thing it's actually quite tricky at times and it takes technique and perseverance.

a quick disclaimer, i'm obviously not a doctor,or a lactation advisor, I am just an experienced mom of three, and whether you choose to

bottle feed or breastfeed who cares as long as your baby is fed and thriving, that is the main thing, we all know the benefits of breastfeeding so i'm not gonna go into all of that, this is just my experience,and what i've learned along the way

It's all about the LATCH:
So my first and  most important tip, is to make sure your latch is correct, if it's not correct then that is when you get pain because your nipple will be rubbing on the hard part of your baby's palate, which is the roof of their mouth if your latch isn't correct it can affect how much milk comes out,and it can also make your nipple scratch against that hard palate, so it's really really important for successful breastfeeding there will be a small amount of pain in the first two weeks that is normal.
if you're pregnant or you've just started breastfeeding it is definitely worth doing some research now as to what a correct latch looks like

try out different positions:
my second tip is to try out different positions especially in the early days, my favorite ones were the traditional cradle position in a chair or on our bed or the side lay was also really good for relaxing or the rugby hold as well by trying out different positions, it can help stimulate different parts of the breast and then also distribute the rubbing as well so it's hopefully not as painful and it can also help you to discover which ways work best for
your baby and for you as well,because everyone is different.

Don't be afraid to get help:
My next tip is if you are struggling get help early don't be afraid to ask for help it's a really difficult thing to do and nowadays when you have a baby in hospital like when I had my son Fraser i had him at two o'clock in the morning and i was told that i was ready to go home at eight o'clock in the morning so that really was not enough time to establish breastfeeding but once they see you breastfeed a couple of times,and they're happy they just send you off on your way, call a lactation advisor call your hospital i know where i live they have a breast friends cafe there's all kinds of help out there if you look for it.
don't be afraid to get help it's better to do that rather than quit in my experience breastfeeding is really hard for the first two or three weeks so if you can get through that by the end of the two or three weeks you know what you're doingyour baby knows what you're doing and breastfeeding becomes this really easy thing where you can get all of the benefits from it, like no sterilizing it's portable you know all of those things so don't give up just try and get help.

Keep up fluids and snacks:
so my next tip is really really important you need to keep up your fluids and your snacks you need to drink enough water for yourself,but also to feed your baby all of this liquid so you need to be drinking all of the time carry around a bottle with you if you can and i used to always think when the baby's drinking i should be drinking so when i was breastfeeding i would have bottles of water around me i actually ended up hiding them under my breastfeeding chair in the cracks of our sofa et cetera as well, it's worth telling your partner or your momor whoever's gonna be helping you in the early days to make sure you drink enough, so when you're breastfeeding if you don't have a glass of water with you your husband really needs to get into a habitof bringing that over to you. drinking loads of water is also a really good way to boost your supply there are loads of products and supplements that you can buy but i think the most effective way is to just drink more and to pump, same goes for snacks treat yourself you are burning an extra 500 calories a day breastfeedingso get some danishes in get some yummy snacks in to keep up the calories in your milk for your baby.
If you're not eating very muchthen your baby probably isn't getting very much so keep up your wholesome mealskeep up your calories i know you probably wanna lose the baby weight but it is the best thing to do in the early days and breastfeeding will also help you get that flat stomach back as well.

Don't clock watch and don't compare yourself to others
next tip is don't clock watch and don't compare yourself to others either with my first son i become obsessed with how long he'd fed for on what side ihad all these fancy apps on my phone but really it stressed me out more than it helped i think with my subsequent babies i've been more relaxed i've just fed on demand for the first eight weeksand then I've had a bit more routine after that, but i would just feed on demand on the side that feels fullest,and don't compare yourself to your friends that bottle feed it's a completely different thing,and don't even compare yourself to your friends that breastfeed because all of our bodies are different, our babies can take more or less my baby that i have now feeds within five or 10 minutes whereas my first son, i felt like i was sat there for a good half an hour yeah our bodies are different and our babies are different,and that actually brings me to my next tip which is to try and be as relaxed as you can i know it's really hard when you're a new mom
I was quite an anxious new mom, but by being relaxed and actually looking at your baby when you're feeding them that will help with your milk flow so try not to be thinking about work or having an argument with your husband while you're feeding just try and relax and it will help your milk flow.
the essential products you'll need for breastfeeding are a good supportive chair and pillows they don't have to be specifically for breastfeeding as long as you have a good chair and some pillows around breastfeeding's actually quite physically demanding on your back and your arms and the way you position yourself.
so it's really important that you have good support around you

also you'll definitely need to get yourself some breast pads i have used lansinoh in the past,and also Boots Own but
you'll need them because you will probably have some leaks and you don't want any embarrassing moments when you're wearing gray,and you've got a big black mark on you so get yourself some breast pads as well definitely get yourself a water bottle as well,
so you can carry it around with you,and always keep yourself hydrated, and also some muslins for spit up,and also if you're breastfeeding out in public,they can help sort of cover you up you can get fancy breastfeeding cover ups,but i think that sometimes they almost bring,more attention to you, i also just wanted to say that how you know that your baby is getting enough is if they're having at least four or five wet or dirty nappies a day they seem quite content in between feeds and they're regularly putting on weight, f they're doing all of those things,then you're doing a great job.

So that is it for my breastfeeding tips, i really hope you found them helpful don't be shy asking any questions you have in the comments below,and i will make sure to reply to you,and yes thank you bye.