tips for breastfeeding in public

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog, today I'm going to give you my best tips for breastfeeding in public.

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just a really quick disclaimer ,whether you choose to bottle feed or breastfeed,who cares, it really doesn't matter,but if you choose to and your body,allows you to, I hope you like these tips.

My first tip is to know your rights and I'm going to help you do that right now,by letting you know that it is completely legal,for you to breastfeed in any public place,And it is actually illegal for anyone,to discriminate against a breastfeeding,mother who is breastfeeding a child,And it doesn't matter what age that child is So it is illegal for anyone in the public,or anyone who's running a business,to discriminate against you or ask you,to leave their premises if you are breastfeeding,So I just take comfort in knowing that,It is actually illegal,So if anyone did ever approach you,you have that, that you can say that,And in Scotland, they actually
take it one step further,they've made it a criminal offense to discriminate against a breastfeeding mother in Scotland so you can actually prosecute there as well.

My next tip is to plan ahead, and I know this can be quite difficult in the early days when you have a newborn who feeds like every hour, but if you are going out, you can kind of map out what you're going to do So what I like to do is feed my baby right before we go out then go straight to shopping or doing whatever I have to do and then plan to have a coffee so that I can have a coffee break and also feed my baby It's also great to get to know really breastfeeding friendly places Ikea is amazing Mothercare again is amazing,,they have specific breastfeeding areas in places like that, but wherever you live it's great to get to know places just by asking other breastfeeding mothers where they would recommend The library where I live as well is another fantastic place where you can go and you can sit in a corner and you can breastfeed your baby quite happily It's also good to start out in very breastfeeding friendly places I think When you first go out you know plan to go to a play
group where there'll be lots of other breastfeeding mothers as well so you won't feel out of place.

And another tip is to never feed your baby in a toilet And I am actually guilty of doing this with my first son when I was very nervous and unsure about what I was doing,But it's not hygienic You wouldn't eat your lunch in a toilet so you shouldn't do it with your baby But one hack that I have done if I do want some privacy and if I am a bit nervous, is to go into any clothing storepick up something off the rack, say you'd like to try it on, you don't
even have to say that your actually gonna feed your baby, and just go into a changing room, and feed your baby in peace ,Next up let's talk about clothing,And you can get some great clothes for nursing,from places like ASOS, H&M, Mothercare,You can get some really, really clever clothes but sometimes they can be quite expensive ,And sometimes normal clothes work just as well, One trick that I do all the time is to wear two tops,You can wear a vest under a baggy top and it is a great cover up cause then you just have to pull the vest down pull the baggy top up and your baby is completely covered I also get asked a lot on this blog, how i manage to wear dresses all the time, But all I do is wear leggings and a vest under a dress, and then I just literally,pull the whole dress up, or pull it down,You can get some really cool and clever baby coverups which are great in the early days, but then I find bring more attention to you than not when your baby starts
moving around under them What I like to do is just stick a muslin over my shoulder, tuck it into my bra strap and that gives me enough grace to feed my baby.
Another tip is to wear a scarf, because you can kind of maneuver it and cover up any skin that's showing,But really your baby's head covers up most,of your boob anyway, and sometimes the more you fap the more attention you bring to yourself.

My next tip is to smile and be confident,and this is easier said than done,when you are a brand new mother I know it took me a while
to get the hang of it,Because sometimes, people will stare,and sometimes you'll catch them staring,But I find it's much
better for you to just,flash them a genuine smile of,you know, I'm feeding my baby You don't have to look away, you don't have to be ashamed, you should be proud.

Another tip is to feed with friends,I feel more comfortable when I'm like in a pack of people or I'm with someone Sometimes I feel a little bit isolated on my own but that is not to say that I don't feed in public on my own I absolutely do But sometimes I feel a bit better if I'm looking at my phone or I'm reading a book But if I'm ever really stuck, and I'm feeling,a little bit uncomfortable, I just look,at my baby, because as soon as I look at him feeding, I just remember what,I'm doing it for and I instantly feel calm.

My last tip is to be respectful,I really don't think people mind if you're making a small attempt to cover up a tiny bit,Just slinging a blanket over your shoulder or anything like that, just shows people that all you really wanna do is get on and feed your baby I'm not the type of person who would sit half-naked in Costa and feed my baby So I'm kind of somewhere in between So as long as you're being respectful people really don't seem to mind.
Yeah so breastfeeding can be quite nerve-wracking in the early days, but once you get the hang of it it's so freeing being able to go out anywhere with your baby in tow And yes there are still
a minority of people that may look at you or frown at you, but that is exactly what they are they are the minority Most people out there are parents, and they understand that you just wanna get
on and feed your baby So just own it be confident The other day I got stuck on a very busy train and I had to feed my baby and it was quite difficult there were people quite close to me but I managed to do it and no one gave me evils Everyone just understood that it was probably better for me to just feed my baby, than have a screaming baby on the train the whole way home.
So just get on do what's best for you You're doing an amazing job And I could basically talk about this subject all day long and how passionate I am about normalizing breastfeeding but I won't go into all of that, I will leave it there for today And, yeah, thank you so much for watching,I hope you got something from it
Leave any more tips in the comments below, thank you so much
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